I have had the great fortune to work closely with Ross. Ross was a key member of my Executive Team during both routine and extremely challenging situations. His remarkable intellect, business acumen, and integrity are without peer. Many a time I went to Ross to gain his business, and human, perspectives on critical issues. I always knew I would get a professional, well thought out (often out of the box), and honest opinion. I valued those virtues immensely. During times of crisis Ross was my right hand man, solid as a rock, loyal, strong, of great moral courage, and always doing the best for the business and the employees. If I was starting a new Team, needing penetrating insight, or doing long range operational and financial planning it would be to Ross I would turn. Plans and executes superbly – couldn’t ask for more.
VP Operations Biotech

Ross was able to drive costs down by getting involvement from all departments in the facility. He led by example, finding savings in every department and then helping everyone at the plant understand the benefits of cost reduction. His understanding of where and how to look for reductions helped to process move quickly and painlessly. 

Ross uses his broad range of experience and know-how to help companies through a facet of different issues and challenges. Further, he can make Excel dance, which enables him to create and analyze data in a variety of ways to better assess the appropriate actions to address the problem and/or challenge.
Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager, Financial Services

Ross worked with us to aggressively reduce our departmental budget.  No account was too small when it came to finding savings. We actually improved service and reduced costs at the same time. Midway through the year we re-forecasted our budget and eliminated several hundred thousand dollars MORE  in the process. We effectively reduced our COGS through our efforts.  Ross gets results!
Director of Facilities , Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant.

Ross brings high quality work with a thoughtful approach to problem solving.  He is creative.  He sees the big picture and translates it into a plan that is realistic, understandable and executable.  His work is completely unbiased and based on facts.  He excels at creating easy to understand reporting that comes from complex concepts.  If you want a no nonsense approach to modeling and analytics, Ross will get it done. 
VP and CFO , Biotech Company

Ross had a way of eliminating posturing when analyzing sales forecasts.  Ross created a better pricing model to maximize the value of expiring inventory.  Ross helped revise our forecasting methods to include soft costs and hard costs to determine accurate net sales figures. 
National Sales Manager, Media Sales

Ross was a true partner throughout our budgeting process. He was able to offer insights that allowed us to construct our departmental budget accurately amidst extreme growth.
Vice President of Human Resources, Pharmaceutical Company

I have worked with Ross and found his financial and analytical skills and advice to be of great assistance as I was evaluating complex supply chain options and issues.
Vice President – Supply Chain Management, Biotech Company

In the 10+ years I have known Ross he has always provided sound advice and perspective on business and mountaineering
Media Sales Executive